✓ automatic and controlled change-over from HFO to DFO and vice versa
✓ minimized risk of damages due to abrupt temperature changes
✓ calculates when booster system is fully flushed of heavy fuel oil
✓ tamper-proof datalogger
✓ integrated safe guard functions

For a safe and automatic change-over from HFO to DFO and vice versa

CONTROLmag® is designed to carry out the change-over process between heavy fuel oil (HFO) and low sulphur fuel automatically and safely.

CONTROLmag® with integrated DIESELswitch protects the engine during change-over, as sensors will detect if the fuel temperature changes too rapidly. The system will then freeze the position to protect the engine’s fuel injection system from a thermal shock and generate an alarm. For safety the fuel change-over process can also be stopped manually.

CONTROLmag® is simple to install on both newbuilds and existing vessels and can handle different tank levels up to 25 m without additional MDO/MGO pumps.

The basic system consists of:

✓ safety change-over valve (bronze) with magnetic coupling to prevent leakages
✓ static mixing tube
✓ electronic cabinet with advanced software

CONTROLmag® can also be delivered on a foundation containing all system components, pipes and internal cabling. Before shipment each system is pressure tested by DNV GL (other classification societies on request).

All systems are equipped with a tamper-proof data logger to prove that the correct fuel was used in regulated areas. Further CONTROLmag® features and options e. g. flowmeters please see Features and Options

The system is simple to use.

All the user has to do is: 1. choose time frame for change-over 2. choose fuel change-over direction: HFO to DFO or DFO to HFO 3. Start the process!

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