Electronic Pressure Indicator
IMES electronic pressure indicators are designed as compact and lightweight handheld devices for diesel- and gas engines. They are easy to use and convince with their accuracy and their sophisticated analysing software.

EPM-XP Electronic Indicator

The battery powered, hand-held EPM-XP Electronic Indicator EPM-XP is designed for periodic monitoring of cylinder pressures on large diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines. It provides important measurement data for engine diagnostics and condition monitoring directly at the point of use.

The acquired data can then be downloaded to a computer where the IMES visualisation and evaluation software is used to calculate IMEP and IPOWER including p/v diagrams. The EPM-XP electronic cylinder pressure indicator is designed for use on 2-stroke engines in the speed range 40 – 300 rpm and 4-stroke engines in the speed range 200 to 1500 rpm.

EPM-XP gives immediate read-outs for peak pressure (Pmax) and (Pcomp) from a number of pressure cycles per cylinder.

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